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Whether you’re a soybean farmer, a commodity speculator, or anything in between, there are plenty of options available to you for market commentary or views on the charts, but when it comes to sorting through the data driving your crops' markets, you’re on your own.  Don’t have a background in quantitative analysis?  Too bad.  Don’t have time to digest all of the incoming figures?  You’re out of luck.  You’re stuck with scattered pieces of analysis, addressing disparate factors of your markets, and you’re forced to contend with the inherent biases of the analysts you follow.

Maybe you’re more ambitious.  You follow the regional weather forecasts.  You read through the big USDA reports.  You follow the news on global production and the export market.  But how does it all tie together?  Farmer’s Market solves this problem and then some.  And then some more.

Through rigorous quantitative analysis and modeling, Farmer’s Market simplifies the complex data landscape impacting agricultural commodity prices.  Each crop's daily report is a comprehensive, single-page dashboard presenting all market-relevant data through a standardized, intuitive framework.  Allergic to math?  Fear not.  As long as you can count from 0 to 100, Farmer’s Market empowers you with the tools necessary to truly explain the factors driving your crops' markets.

No longer are you limited to subjective commentary or ambiguous interpretations of the data.  Was the latest USDA report bullish?  How bullish?  Which direction are speculators leaning?  Is sentiment getting too extreme?  Farmer’s Market answers these questions and many more.


The market is at your fingertips.  The data is speaking.  Are you listening?

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