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There's an abundance of data impacting crop prices, but that data is only as useful as our ability to digest and comprehend it.  This requires both a process to reduce the abundance down to a few critical factors and an intuitive framework to interpret the results.  This approach (the reduction principle) is the core of the Ganalytics philosophy.  While Ganalytics handles the data reduction processes behind the scenes, the interpretation framework must be intuitive to you, the consumer of it.  With that in mind, I designed Farmer's Market not just to report the data to you, but to present it in a way that is logical and facilitates a deep, comfortable understanding of the concepts the data represents.

Our brains are versatile.  We are capable of processing a wider variety of inputs than just numbers and text.  Maybe you connect better with charts or images than numbers.  Maybe you connect better through colors than through words.  Throughout Farmer's Market, I utilize colors, graphics, and visual indicators to strengthen your connection with the data and to create effortless mental links between related features of the reports.  For ease of interpretation, all indicators are standardized from 0 to 100 and dynamically colored, with 0/red always carrying negative price implications and 100/green always carrying positive price implications.

Crop markets are complex.  I built Farmer's Market to make sense of the complexity.  I built Farmer's Market to make sophisticated data analysis accessible to everyone.  I built Farmer's Market to empower you to make better decisions and better use of your time.


Steven Hassine

Founder, Ganalytics

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